Which Bathroom Theme Do You Choose?


The bathroom is one of the most left-out places that people don’t tend to think of when it comes to renovating the home, especially in the initial stages when all they are thinking of is the living room, bedrooms, and the kitchen. After all of that is done, they then just give a slight thought to the bathroom. But, do you know that you can make bathroom renovation exciting too!?

Having a nice bathroom

Having a nice bathroom will add to both the aesthetic appeal as well as the value of your home. A nice bathroom that is up to the mark in terms of the walls, flooring, sanitaryware installed, and cleanliness will have every guest thinking highly of you. So, whenever you are planning a bathroom build-up, think about making it a space that will appeal every guest coming in. Whether it is your guest or you, one always wants to have comfort in the bathroom, both visually and physically. For visual comfort, you need to have a bathroom that looks spacious and well-coordinated. And, for physical comfort, you need to have the right sanitaryware and accessories installed. In this blog, we’ll let you know how you can build a comfortable bathroom.

Making your bathroom a comfortable space

To make your bathroom visually appealing, the best way to work out is by planning upon a theme. Setting up a theme for your bathroom will help you make better choices by coordinating everything from the tiles to the sanitaryware to the accessories, and everything else. And, to make your bathroom physically comfortable, you need to invest in sanitaryware that is branded and of good quality, offering all the ease to every individual using the space.

Which theme should you pick?

When decorating a home, you may want to speak with a professional designer to ensure that all corners of your bathroom will be turned to its best, functional condition and highest possible appeal. There are many themes you can consider using, and it is all up to your needs and personal preference to decide which of them is the most valuable to consider. Mathaji Hardware is one place where you can buy sanitary items online in Bangalore, having options to choose from the best brands like Hindware, Parryware, Cera, Jaquar, and many more; each offering only the best products. But, you can only shop for coordinated bathroom fittings, when you are sure of your theme. So, which theme should you set in for? We’ve listed a few evergreen and all-time favourites that will definitely be a sure shot when it comes to setting up a comfortable and cozy space.

All white

An all white bathroom is always evergreen. White walls, white ceiling, white flooring, white sanitaryware, white cabinets, white shelves, white drapes, and white napkins; all of it enhanced with sparkling silver fittings. This can be the perfect theme to make the space look spacious and visually appealing. Obviously, a completely white bathroom will definitely call for some efforts to make your bathroom spotless, and keep it in the perfect condition!

Retro theme

So, you don’t want to set in for all white? Opt for a retro look instead with a perfect blend of both black and white. This timeless theme will ensure that your bathroom never goes out of style. You can install all white sanitaryware, with the walls and flooring made of black and white patterned tiles. Then, you can install cabinets in nice black and white patterns too.

Vintage theme

Why not bring back old designs to life, by having an old large-sized vanity, topped with a huge mirror having a whimsical golden border? Install white or ivory sanitaryware and brass fittings to finish the look. You could add some old looking rugs to give your bathroom a nice warm vibe.

Beach theme

How about giving your bathroom a feel of the beach, like being by the ocean? It’s going to be a great theme during both summer and winter months. Choose beige and blue coloured tiles or paint for the walls; wooden or stone like patterned flooring, and white or beige sanitaryware. Enhance the look by hanging a large mirror with a border made of pebbles, shells, or sea-animal figures. Install everything in blue and white for the perfect feel.

So, which theme do you wish to choose? Whatever you pick, be sure about it, as you won’t be renovating your bathroom anytime soon; so you’ll have to stick with it for at least a few years.