The 10 Best Interior Paint Colours Trending This Year


“What paint colour should I choose for my space?” This has been a question that each one of us has come across at one time or another. You may be buying a new space, repairing your current space, or renovating it just for the sake of having something new. Whatever it is, remember that the colour you choose for your walls can complement or conflict the rest of the design, making your project a success or a complete failure! After all, colour is the backbone of design, which can instantly transform any space. If you are looking for a trendy colour to put up on your wall, but are really confused about choosing one, we’ll make it easier for you to shortlist your choices by letting you know the 10 best interior paint colours that are trending this year.

  1. Pastels

Pastels are an all-time favourite for spaces that are small or medium sized. These colours have a soothing appeal, bringing with them a vibe that is perfect for gender neutral rooms and common areas like bathrooms and dining areas. They also make a warm backdrop for minimalistic designs. Pastel walls can complement all kinds of light and dark coloured furniture.

  1. Hazelnut

White an ivory are undoubtedly standards for any space, but if you are looking for something a little different from the standards, yet belonging to the same family, it should be hazelnut. It’s a warm inviting creamy shade that will complement almost every kind of furniture and upholstery. The hazelnut coloured paint can brighten up your space, making it look bigger and more upbeat, as the colour bounces light off the walls.

  1. Mist

Mist is a mix of muted pastel bluw and green with a gray and lilac undertone. It can be a confusing colour to choose, but one that’ll transform your space for sure. It is a much more interesting choice than the standard beige and white, helping all sorts of furniture look great against the backdrop.

  1. Mushroom

The mushroom is an update to the browns and rust paint colours of the 70s and 80s. It brings a fresh feel, making the room look natural yet moody. The colour is gender neutral, timeless, and unique to catch attention in any room it colours. Moreover, it can be the perfect choice when the furniture in your room is made from natural wood, or has a ntural finish.

  1. Pewter

Another perfect blend of neutrals, grey and beige, it is a rich alternative to white, proving to be an almost blank canvas that’s anything, but boring. It is nothing less than a standard colour – one that cannot be underestimated.

  1. Lilac

Lilac is a classic colour that can make your space a modern one, without bringing in too much colour. It is subtle yet strikingly attractive, making the space appear warmer and cheerful. So, you can have a refreshing space that you won’t be tired of easily.

  1. Soft clay

When you are looking for something earthy, you’ll think beige and brown. But, for a more modern appeal, you can opt for the new soft clay colour that is a great alternative to the brown and beige earthy colours. This colour brings to the room elegance and certainty, thus significantly elevating the mood of the room.

  1. Ice blue

Ice blue or gray blue should be the perfect colour when you’re looking for a traditional casual approach that is subtle, yet unique. But be careful while choosing your ice blue because any darker shade can make your room appear smaller, darker, and older. Choose a blue that can looking soothing and comfortable.

  1. Dark green

Oh yes, dark green is one of the colours on the list. This is one of the colours that can make a royal space look even grander. The colour can act like a feeling of lush botanicals and nature, while setting the tone with a strong foundational hue. However, this colour is ideal only for spaces that are large and well-lit, as putting up this colour in small conserved rooms can make the space look darker and dull. Dark green can overpower small spaces, making them look smaller.

  1. Mustard

Looking for a pop of colour that’ll go well with your golden furniture or upholstery? Mustard is the finest choice. It’ll create an instantly rich feeling, creating provocative depth and highlighting décor, standing out brilliantly against the furniture.

So, these are the ten best colours you can choose from to perk up your space. But, when you’re considering bringing in a colour on your wall, think about what’ll work best for your taste, requirement, lifestyle, and taste before you plunge into ordering anything. And, when you’re ready to order, don’t forget to purchase from Mathaji Hardware, the best paints shop in Bangalore; whether it is online of offline!