Plywood Or MDF For Bathroom Vanity?


Medium Density Fiberboard, better known as MDF, is an economical material used for making bathroom vanity storage structures. But, the material is not as durable and reliable, which is why many people avoid using it. So then, which material should you choose?

First and foremost, we need to understand that a bathroom vanity is a storage structure that is built just below the sink, which means there is going to be water splashes as well as a good amount of humidity there. So, the material that you wish to use should primarily be one that is water resistant and can handle the moisture. Until and unless that criterion is sufficed, there is no point looking into other aspects. That’s because the moisture in the bathroom can swell, deform, or contract any material that is not water or moisture resistant.

Is MDF water resistant?

MDF is a cheaper material than other woods, but it naturally isn’t water resistant. But, with the advent of newer techniques, you could either waterproof the MDF on your own, or buy special waterproof MDF. However, waterproof MDF is available at a much higher price, which means there is no special benefit of using MDF instead of other woods.

Is plywood water resistant?

Plywood is a great alternative to MDF. Manufactured from natural woods like oak, pine, maple, and cherry, plywood proves to be a great choice for building a bathroom vanity. Plywood bathroom vanities are weather-beaten with less vulnerability to deformation and shrinking because plywood is treated to sustain in even the most extreme climatic conditions and watery settings.

Other reasons to choose plywood

Once the requirement of water resistance is fulfilled, you need to look at other aspects like strength, durability, and appearance. It is imperative that you have a strong and sturdy material for your bathroom vanity such that it can hold the countertop’s weight. Plywood is a strong and sturdy material that can suffice. Other woods may sag and droop, or warp and crack. Plywood can combat everything, ensuring reliable bathroom furniture. Lastly, plywood has a timeless natural look and is incredibly beautiful. So, when you have bathroom vanity or furniture made of plywood, it makes you feel welcoming, warm, and cozy!

So, you can see how plywood beats MDF is terms of water resistance, durability, and appearance. This clearly proves why you must opt for plywood for all your bathroom furniture. You can choose from ready furniture pieces available, or have your own furniture designed and customized as per your requirements. As an advice, we would suggest that you buy plywood and have your vanity and other bathroom furniture built as per your choice, considering the space and layout of your bathroom. To get the best quality plywood, you can get in touch with Mathaji Hardware, the best plywood supplier in Bangalore, where you can get only the highest grade plywood from Century Ply, with no compromise on quality; thus having your bathroom furniture last long.