Keeping Your Bathroom In The Best Condition


It’s easy for mould, grime, and bacteria to build up in a bathroom, making it not only messy and dirty, but dangerous too. Any dirty surface is home to a variety of germs that can make us sick. It is thus very important to keep the bathroom clean. But, cleaning the bathroom does not mean a quick wipe with an anti-bacterial wipe, or splashing the walls with water. There is a lot more than you need to do in order to keep your bathroom in the best possible condition – clean and hygienic. Here are some tips to help.

Keep the bathroom dry

It is very important that you have a dry bathroom. We know that bathrooms and moisture go hand in hand, which is why it becomes even more important to put in efforts to keep the bathroom dry so that no kind of mould and mildew can grow due to moisture. You can keep the bathroom dry by having the right air circulation. This is possible by keeping the bathroom’s window open, or putting on the extractor fan after taking a shower, for 15-20 minutes. This will help the steam to dissipate and dry up any excess moisture.

Keep the toilet seat lid closed at all times

Whenever you use the toilet, it is important to put the lid down. Closing the lid every time you flush is not considered by many, which is a very bad habit. Leaving the toilet lid open can allow bacteria to spread through the bathroom. Simply flipping the lid down when you flush can keep the bacteria contained, leaving the rest of the bathroom a much more hygienic space.

Clean the hidden spots

There are lots of tiny spots within a bathroom that can be a hidden living space for bacteria. Every nook and corner of the bathroom should be thoroughly cleaned. The tub, the basin, the toilet seat, the mirror cabinet, and everything else fixed into the walls and floors have lots of corners and borders that can easily collect dirt and grow bacteria. These spots should be focused on when cleaning the bathroom.

Install the right fixtures

If you are installing new fixtures into your bathroom, why even give the bacteria any space to grow? If you install the right fixtures, you will be having lesser hidden spots and border lines to worry about. For example, if you choose to install wall hung toilets, wash basins without pedestals, and bidets, you have lesser hidden spots to be concerned about. You’ll have better access to all the tricky-to-reach spots, meaning that you can keep your bathroom squeaky clean without much effort. Thus, all kinds of potential dirt traps can be eliminated by choosing your fixtures wisely. You can buy sanitary items online in Bangalore from Mathaji Hardware.

Clean the accessories

Any accessories you have installed in the bathroom should be rinsed at least once a week with hot soapy water. Any fittings that can be removed should be thoroughly washed, just like you wash your utensils. Also, other accessories like shower curtains and mats need to be thoroughly cleaned. Remove them from time to time and wash them nicely in warm soapy water.

Cleaning a bathroom is not a huge task. Especially if you keep cleaning the bathroom from time to time, regular mini-cleans can make your bathroom cleaning job an easy task, and ensure that the space stays hygienic and germ-free.