Get The Best Sanitaryware For Your Shop


Setting up an office after the lockdown? That should be a great news after a long time! We know how risky it is that you have decided to set up a new business after the lockdown, when half of the people are so frightened that they won’t move out of the house, and the other half are so messed up with their own business losses that they won’t consider shopping for anything other than the basics. However, as the saying goes – “The show must go on!”, so you shouldn’t be sitting cooped up in a corner worrying about the risks with a new business in the present scenario. Rather, get up and accept the challenge!

And while you set up your new shop or office, remember that hygiene is even more important too. You thus need to have a nice sparkling clean washroom for yourself, your staff, and your customers to use. So, make sure that you have a maid who knows how to keep the washroom clean. And, if you haven’t yet set up your washroom, we’re help to help. We’ve listed below the tips on how you can buy the right sanitaryware products for your washroom to set it up perfectly.

A-grade quality products

First and foremost, make sure to buy only quality products for your washroom. Local products could be a cheaper option, but you’ll see how they could be downgraded in quality, or that they will be seen with rough edges in a matter of only a few months, when the low quality finish starts chipping off, making your bathroom look dull and unclean. Branded products are definitely a little expensive, but they bring years of shine and freshness.

The colour

The best colour you can have in your washroom is the standard sparkling white. Because it is a washroom of your shop or office, it generally wouldn’t be as big or jazzy. White is thus preferred as it not only makes the washroom look clean and tidy, but also brighter and spacious. Darker colours will make the space look dull and small, and also uncomfortable. However, if white does not go with the general theme of your workplace, ivory is the next best option. But, if you really want to add colour, you may opt for lighter pastel shades. Dark deep colours are just a No-No!

Discounted products

If your budget is really not allowing you to buy sparkling white branded products as we have spoken of above, worry not, we have a solution here too. You could opt for other less prestigious brands that may not be the hot cakes in the market, but are considered to offer products that are good enough. Or, you could look for a design that came up in the market, but decided not to sell because of a design that wasn’t so admired, or because the price was too high when it was launched. Such products may be the best in quality, but only the design or price may have put them into the non-moving product category. You could look for those because non-moving products are after a certain period of time sold at prices much lower so as to clear off the stock. Design shouldn’t be a big issue because you are setting up the washroom of your shop, and not your home or a 5 star hotel. So, you could compromise a little if you are getting good quality at a reasonable price.

Whatever tips you plan to follow, there’s one thing that you should always consider. No matter what brand, what colour, and what design you are buying, every sanitaryware piece you buy should have the best functionality. No functionality aspect of any sanitaryware piece should be compromised upon. So, make sure to check for every fitting to ensure that everything works just fine. You don’t want to repair and replace things only within a few days, weeks, or even months of installing them. So, be careful when you buy your sanitaryware. Nevertheless, if you want to avoid all the hassles, you can just step into Mathaji Hardware, the best sanitary shop in Bangalore. Here, you’ll get only the best brands – both high and middle class – in a variety of designs and colours to choose from, available at the most reasonable prices. Thus, you have nothing to worry about over compromising on the quality, or paying a hefty price.