Choosing The Best Washable Paints For Your Walls


Planning to paint a newly constructed structure? Or, are you planning to renovate your home or office with a fresh coat of paint? Whatever you may be planning on, but what is important is choosing the right product for your walls. Whether it is the interior walls you want to paint for a fresh new look, or the exterior walls, you must always choose paint that is easy to wash. Obviously, you want easy to wash paints on your interior walls so that you can have them easily washed once or twice a year without compromising on the brightness and durability of the paint. But, even for the exterior walls, you must choose a washable paint because your walls will be exposed to heavy rains at least for a month or two every year, and you don’t want the colour to wear off in just one monsoon season, do you?

So, how do you choose the right paint for your walls? It begins by understanding the different pain types available in the market, and what each one can do for you.


Distempers are lime-based wall coating systems that have a limited life, meaning that they fade faster and may peel off with time. This is why people are now reducing the use of distempers, and are switching to better alternatives like emulsions today.


Emulsions are water-based paints, better known as plastic paints, which have a longer life span than distempers, and stay intact even after lots of washing. These are thus the washable paints we have spoken of above. These paints are available in both matte and smooth silky finishes; so you can choose on the type of visual appeal you want for your walls. Emulsions also come with many more benefits, other than durability and life, which include easy application, lesser drying time, mildew resistance, and easy maintenance. These paints can also withstand all kinds of climates like summers and monsoons.


Whichever paint you choose for your walls – distempers or emulsions – it is very important to first choose the right primer. Before you apply a coat of paint, you must first apply primer to the walls, which acts as a base coat to ensure better adhesion of paint to the surface; thus increasing paint durability and protection.

Where to buy your paints from?

So, you basically need a primer and emulsion paint if you want to have your walls painted right. The finest paints you can choose are those offered by Asian Paints, the leading brand in the Indian paint market today. And, the most ideal place you can get these paints is Mathaji Hardware, the best paints shop in Bangalore. Here, you can choose from a variety of different primers and emulsions available for both interior and exterior walls.

For the interior walls – The primers available offer best-in-class adhesion, and resistance to alkali and primary efflorescence at a rate of just Rs. 100-200 per liter, covering an area of 150-200 square feet per liter, depending upon the kind of primer you choose to apply. Then, there are different kinds of emulsion paints available too such as Apcolite, Royale, and Tractor Emulsion. Each paint comes with its own benefits and price range, which you can learn about by browsing online.

For the exterior walls – There are primers available especially designed for bringing a strong bond between the paint and exterior walls too. The paints are again available in different types and price ranges to suit individual requirements, giving you a choice to select from Ace, Apex, and Ultima Protek varieties. If you live in an environment that basically has moderate climate throughout the year, you may opt for the mid-range segments of paints. But, if your city is prone to heavy rainfall or extreme heat, you must use advanced emulsions that offer superior weather shielding qualities.

With this basic knowledge, you should be in a better position to select what is right for your home and office. So, think wise and select right. Happy painting!