Before Buying Wires And Cables


Every home and office requires wires and cables to run electricity. Every machinery requires wires and cables to run. Every street requires wires and cables to light up the city. In short, wires and cables are required everywhere for electrification. They are thus the basic necessity of every electrical installation, as a mandatory product to complete the electrical circuit. However, with the rising use of these products, there are a lot many manufacturers and suppliers that have come up to supply wires, cables, and other electrical components to customers. But among these, there are many who aren’t standard in terms of quality. They offer products that may be low in quality, which may affect performance or longevity. Using low quality wires and cables may also impact the circuitry, and in turn, the device. This is why it is very important that you buy good quality wires and cables. Understanding this, we bring to you a list of things you need to consider while buying wires and cables for your applications.

Conducting material

Generally, a wire is made of either copper or aluminum. Copper is undoubtedly a better conductor of electricity than aluminum, and thus performs better to conduct current. To be specific, electrolytic grade copper is the best conducting material as it is highly ductile and has very low resistance, thus providing 100% conductivity. However, due to these benefits, copper is also more expensive than aluminum. Aluminum is more affordable, which is why it is preferred where super high voltage needs to be carried for longer distances. But, one has to compromise as aluminum has higher resistance and lower conductivity. This is why if you can afford it, you must definitely choose copper wires.


Once you have chosen the conducting material, the next important aspect to focus on is the jacketing. The material that covers the wires is equally important as the material of the wire itself. While there are many materials used for insulating the wires such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polyurethane, nylon, rubber, and fluoropolymers, one of the most beneficial option is PVC, as it is a material that can withstand moisture, abrasion, flame, acids, ozone, gasoline, and many other solvents. Thus, it is a material that can be safe to use in even the most critical industries of medicine and food. And, the best part is that in spite of these benefits, it is fairly inexpensive, when you compare it against other materials in the category.


With the complexity of circuits and structures, and the innumerous numbers of wires and cables used in a single application, it is important that these wires and cables are flexible, and not rigid, so that they can be easily placed and laid in conduit. You must thus check for the flexibility of the wires and cables you choose.

These are the three main aspects that you must consider while planning on buying wires and cables for any application. But again, with the market being flooded by various brands and sellers, you need to be very careful while making a purchase. Be sure of the standards of both the product and the supplier before buying. Mathaji Hardware is one place where you can get not only the best quality wires and cables, but where you can buy electrical items online in Bangalore of all types. The wires and cables offered here are from the leading brands in the industry, such as Crompton, Polycab, Finolex, Anchor Roma, Philips, Wipro, Racold, IndoAsian, and Legrand, guaranteeing that the products hold the ability to perform well in critical situations like overloading and sudden electrical fluctuations.